Fuck, yeah! Street legal race cars!

Number plates and number circles. Drive to the race you're driving in. How it should be done, from old school cool to next year's ferocity.

Pictures nicked relentlessly from ambient sources and occasional honest witnessing. Credit where credit is due as follows. Lemme know if there's issues; I'm really a nice guy.


Starring: Shelby Daytona
(by Stian Håheim)


(via noizy)

Hermann Husel and Gerhard Settele, Munich-Vienna-Budapest rally, 1964.


Too big to be European, too weird to be American, handles things with a kind of quirky attitude, sniped at by some overearnest dweeb who didn’t get it…is the Corvair the ultimate hipster car?

Watkins Glen.

The more reserved side of competition’s fury.

Henry simply could not abide being late for tea.